Smart Shopping for Smart People

Everyone wants to buy one thing or another, and some people are also addicted to shopping. However, instead of going directly in the first store shop-smart12-300x272that you see and get an expensive item, you can always choose to do the smart shopping. It’s not about choosing cheaper things necessarily, but it’s about how to make an efficient shopping strategy that can help you get the same products but for a cheaper price.

Quality is important in most of the cases, but sometimes you can get cheaper and better products, because in some cases you don’t necessarily pay for the product, but you pay for the brand that the products has.

This being said, here are some smart shopping tips that can help you out.

Make a List

Yes, this is an old trick, but it still works in 90% of the cases. When you think about going shopping, take a pen and a piece of paper, and start making a list with the products that you need. Write down everything from sugar and oil to cosmetics, personal hygiene products and clothes. The trick is to write exactly what you need and in what quantities. Next to each product, write the price – you don’t have to be exact about it, but you surely know the prices of the store you usually shop in. Now that you have your list, sum the total and take with you only those money.

The other trick with this technique is to follow exactly the list that you have – it’s ok if you don’t buy everything from the list, because you can have some missing items from the store, but it’s not ok to buy products that are not on the list.

Having a fix sum of money with you will also determine you to shop within the budget, so this will help you to avoid buying things that you don’t need.

Make Shopping Once a Week

307px-Shopping_cart_with_food_clip_art_2.svgWhen you buy food, you don’t go shopping everyday, unless it’s about those products that you need fresh. However, there are plenty of products that you can keep in your refrigerator for more days without altering. When you consider shopping for food, also make a list and choose those products that you know you will eat. Don’t buy something that you eat rarely or just because they are on sale.

Stuffing your fridge with useless products won’t help you out, and when you’ll sort the food, you’ll see that you throw away a lot of money.

Because of this, make a list and go for food shopping at the end of the week. Choose products that you’ll cook in the next week, so that you’ll have enough until the next week-end comes.

Set a Budget

It’s easy to set a budget for each of the things that you need. You know you have to pay the bills, so save money only for those. In case you have a credit, you also know that you have to pay for that too, and so on. Make a list with the things that you have to pay for each month, and when the paycheck comes, put aside the needed money for each of those things.

When you think about food and shopping, consider a sum of money that will be enough for the whole month, no matter if you choose to do shopping every week, every two weeks or even twice a week.

This way you will keep the shopping bills within the budget, and you may even save some money.

Coupons and Sales

smart_shoppingYes, these are wonderful when you find them and it can also help you out in your smart shopping strategies. There are plenty of stores that are offering coupons and sales, but you have to follow them closely. Some are making promotional sales at the end of each month or in a period of their own choosing. The coupons can be offered to you if you make shopping of a certain sum of money, so you need to see what that sum is.

No matter what the conditions are, sometimes these are the best things that can happen to you, because you have the possibility to buy the same products at cheaper prices, without doing anything.